About Us

About Us

We are leaders in home security, two-way emergency response systems and video surveillance. We provide service across a growing number of American cities.

Unlike many of our competitors, we take full control of our products, installation and monitoring. We design and manufacture our products. We have carefully designed and refined our proprietary technology and have created an end-to-end solution that’s designed to do one thing well: protect you and your family.

Every job is unique. When we visit your home or business to talk with you, we discuss your security needs based on your business operation, home lifestyle, special concerns and the primary user of the system (homeowner, housekeeper, employee, etc.). From the information collected we will customize a solution that works for you.

All of our projects are supervised by a member of our trained and qualified management team.

Our staff will react immediately in case of an equipment failure or service problem. We can show customized options to you to safeguard your business as well as your residence. 

This equipment may allow you to keep in touch, by offering a host of the most recent remote interactive services like remote control of incorporated parts (thermostats, door locks, security, lighting), receive text e-mail/notifications of system events, even activate remote video to check on things at your residence or company.

We are 100% dedicated to life safety and security.

For any other information, contact us at (817) 369-5025