Security Bars

Security Bars

Are you looking for Burglar Bars or Security Gates to protect your valuables?

We all would like to live in a safe and secure environment. Unfortunately in reality, the prevailing situations force us to protect ourselves by installing burglar bars and alarm systems to increase our home security.

Home window and door security bars let you protect the things most precious to you. The truth is that burglars are often in and out of your home before anyone responds to an electronic alarm. With home window security bars preventing access, you don’t have to worry.

We are dedicated to providing the best selection of high quality window safety products to make your home as safe as possible!

 We’ve taken a considerable amount of time to find the best products that are best suited for virtually every type of installation. Our technical staff strives to provide unparalleled expertise to help you choose and install the right protection for all windows and doors.

Benefits of security bars

  • Keeps intruders out.
  • Economical, effective, attractive and durable security product
  • Tamper-resistant with lifetime warranty

360 Alarm, LLC gives you an elegant security solution, with the architecturally pleasing fixed design providing a welcome departure from standard burglar bars and expandable gates. All units are custom made and available in a range of different configurations and colors to suit your requirements.

In order to prevent forced entry by intruders you have to improve security in your home, by protecting your doors and windows.

At 360 Alarm, LLC, all the security bars, grilles and security gates are a great option for both windows and doors. Our products will provide you with security as well as maximum light and air.

We have a range of window and door security bars and perforated screens to match your needs:

Removable Bars

Fixed Bars and Decorative Bars

Fixed Mesh Grilles

Perforated Screens

Door bars with dead bolts and special door bars for cellar doors and doors that open outwards complete the product range. All reinforced bolts are subject to the most stringent tests.

We are current with all local regulations regarding window bars. Call us today at (817) 369-5025 about window bars information and for your free estimate.

Whether you need window guards, security bars or child safety guards, 360 Alarm, LLC has the right product for your needs.